Anni Rocking Chair With padding and worktop


Anni rocking chair is comfortable to sit in even for a longer stay. Rocking motion has a calming effect and it also helps to concentrate better.
Designers Netta Korhonen and Elina Hildén have done a long time cooperation, and they tell about the Anni rocking chair as follows: “The idea of the rocking chair was an exchange student in Lund, Sweden. Swing was originally designed for two to sit. We wanted to bring a rocking chair to the present day, so that it could find its way into several homes.”

Anni Comes with a white or black work surface which has a matte finish, so it prevents slippage. Rocking chair is available in three colors: birch, white and black, and the pad can be found in the five homely tones. Gather to yourself a pleasant package from a variety of colors: Choose the color of the chair first, then the color of the cushion and finally the counter top color.

Delivery in 14 days


Product Description

Anni rocking chair and cushions are manufactured in Finland. Padding package contains two parts. You can use the seat cushions as well as part of the backrest or choose to only one of the two. This chair can attach the included matt, non-slip work surface, which gives the chair a pleasant workplace. Dimensions; width 58 cm, height 83 cm, depth 98 cm. The rocking chair is shipped in parts, with the counter top.
Care instructions

Clammy wipes, pads can be cleaned, if necessary, the textile detergent cleaning agent according to the instructions.


Birch and birch plywood. Countertop matte composite plate, which is light.