Onni Rocking Chair


Designers Netta Korhonen and Elina Hildén have done a long time cooperation, and tell Onni as follows: “The idea of ​​the rocking chair was born during our studies in Lund, in Sweden. The rocking chair was originally designed for two to sit, as in a public space suitable or for the homes. We wanted to bring a rocking chair to the present day, so that it could find its way to more and more homes.”
Available in 3 colors: black, white and natural wood color. Also available as in Anni rocking chair, which has the padding and the work surface in it, and also Onni is available with the paddings.

Delivery in 14 days


Product Description

Onni rocking chair is manufactured in Finland. Designers Netta Korhonen and Elina Hilden: "True and honest materials, timeless and durable design language, as well as small ideas are all things that we want to bring out. Through their own design planning, to them is important to create a simple and good products, each of which is possible to have in each own distinctive. This is how we designed the Onni-rocking chair. " Dimensions; width 58 cm, height 83 cm, depth 98 cm. Weight approx. 10 kg. The rocking chair is shipped in parts.
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