Color of Nature Acoustic Panels

From 120,16 

Still T acoustic panels are used to create visually impressive and acoustically effective wall installations. The beautiful natural fibre surface will be brought to life with a printed image.

The groups are divided by theme: City, Lake, Color of Nature, Branch, Water and Forest. You can select the acoustic panels in three different size, one or more suitable for your particular status.

Delivery in 30 days


Product Description

Still T panels comes with white wooden frames. The frames are glued into place. Yeseco Still panels are particularly effective in lowering the level of unwanted noise reflections caused by conversation. Still T with image print, - Sound Absorption Class A, αw 1,00, ISO 11654                  125 Hz: 0,27 250 Hz: 0,75    500 Hz: 1,00    1000 Hz: 1,00. 2000 Hz: 0,95. 4000 Hz: 1,00.