”Our story begins from the north, deep within the Finnish nature. The family business my grandfather founded has been making rugs for a long time – rugs that depict the clarity and classic elements of the Scandinavian environment. I have been following the operations of this family business of ours since I was a little boy, and I’ve grown up with it. When my mother shared her thoughts on making these rugs and other Finnish home furnishing products available for people around the globe who value great design, I got immediately excited. This was exactly what I wanted to do too. This is how the web store got started – a web store that pays homage to Scandinavian design, manufacturing and lifestyle. It enables the procurement of these fabulous products that have been made in the north by people living further away – a piece of north to where ever you live. And if you ever travel this way, I warmly welcome you to visit the village of Karvala. The village is where our roots are, and it is also the source for the name of our business, Karvala Oy.”
-Taavi Hanhisalo, co-founder