Ilona (Joy) Cotton rug

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Ilona (Joy) is, as the name implies, a cheerful and invigorating cotton rug with colorful stripes. Makes happy feelings for your interior. The width of the narrowest carpet is 90 cm.

Ilona is made entirely in Finland. The wefts are first woven into a weft, which is dyed as skeins in dyeing mill Lappajärvi Värjäämö. In dyeing process the weft is shrunk too. Rug is woven and finished in Ostrobothnia. The pre-shrunk weft ensures that the carpet retains its dimensions better even after washing.

The weft is 80% recycled cotton.

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Product Description

Lively and cheerful cotton brings invigoration to the entire interior. Good-quality cotton rug Ilona's weft is 80% recycled cotton and 20% pes, which increases durability. The weft is made and dyed in Finland with clean, certified dyes in Lappajärvi Värjäämö. Ilona is a carpet that can be washed even on the carpet pier. Drying on a flat surface in an airy and shady place. Nordic design made in Finland.


A long, long time ago, a meteorite fell from the sky, struck in the middle of the Ostrobothnian plain and formed Lake Lappajärvi. It is the largest lake in the Ostrobothnian provinces and the largest crater lake in Europe caused by a meteorite. Now the shores of the crater lake are enjoyed by deep, cool waters by numerous cottages and fishermen. The water is good to enjoy because it is especially soft as a result of a meteorite attack . Namely, it caused the formation of zeolite on the bottom of the lake, which further softens the water of the lake. If you ever go swimming in Lake Lappajärvi, you will notice this. The hair is wonderfully soft and the skin does not dry even after a long bath in Lake Lappajärvi.

The Karvala Village

The name of our company Karvala Oy is a tribute to a small rural village in Ostrobothnia, where the company's roots go back. The village of Karvala is on the shores of Lake Lappajärvi. The village got its name from a family of net weavers who once inhabited the area. Fishing nets were made from animal hair, such as horsehair. At present, the vivid town has appr. 3000 residents. Karvala is 12 km from the centre of the municipality. When you go to the store in Karvala, you still do not have to lock the doors, the neighbors are greeted on the main street, and you can visit people and have a cup of coffee at any time.
Care instructions

Vacuum clean and air when necessary. Remove stains immediately with clean damp cloth. Do not rub.

Wash Instructions:
Level wash in max. +30°C water with mild detergent. Rinse carefully with plenty of water. Extract the excess water e.g. by a roller press. Shape the damp rug. Air dry flat. Avoid direct sunlight as it will easily fade colors.


Recycled cotton 80%, pes 20%.

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