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Ruusukas Cotton rug

From 45,97 

The delightful Ruusukas pattern with contemporary colors and high quality materials brings something traditional and also trendy into your home. High quality Nordic rugs.

Two widths: 45 cm and 90 cm. 45 cm is also suitable for under chairs or rocking chairs.

Large range of colors and sizes. Although they are pre-shrinked, it can shrink 5% while washing them.

Made in Finland with love and passion.

Delivery in 21 days


Product Description

Ruusukas cotton carpet is wove in Finland, with high quality materials. The width of 45 cm is suitable for under rocking chairs and other chair. Widht 195 cm delivery time might be longer.
Care instructions

Vacuuming. If needed, ventilation in fresh air. Wash 30 ° C with mild detergent and plenty of water. Dry in a shady place on a rod or horizontally. It can shrink 5 % while washing them.


Cotton, warp pes