Satine Kivi Pilecarpet

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The shape of the rug does not have to be a conventional rectangle or circle any longer. Here you can choose shape Stone made of Satine pilecarpet.
The low pile on the Satine is luxuriously soft nylon which is at the same time very hard-wearing.

Satine is an excellent choice for home use and public spaces and is also suited to roofed terraces and balconies. A nice, narrow border on the edges completes the look. Satine is equipped with the non-slip EVA backing, giving the rug flexibility and firmness. The backing is suited to all floor surfaces and also for floors with radiant heating. The backing material is odorless, recyclable and doesn’t stain the floor.

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Product Description

The shape of the rug does not have to be a conventional rectangle or circle any longer. Besides custom sizes custom shapes are also possible.  Polyamide is used as material in rugs, particularly in locations that require high durability. Polyamide is a durable, light and flexible material, which is easy to dye. EVA backing makes carpet anti-slip and is clean and safe material which suits for all floors.

VM-Carpet - Arto and Aila Viita-aho founded a rug factory in 1973. The same friendly and honest yet innovative approach is still behind the manufacture of VM-Carpet’s rugs.

In 1975, Arto Viita-aho and his friend Harri Kujala decided to buy wefts for rugs from Sweden for their newly opened rug factory.  Thanks to his skills in Swedish, Harri Kujala got to place the calls. The first one was connected by the switchboard operator to the local police office. The next call ended up at a furniture store called Ikea. They had no wefts, but smooth talker Harri sold his first large order almost right there. This is the road the company is still travelling. The same friendly and joyful yet careful, honest and innovative attitude is the drive behind VM-Carpet’s rugs even today.

Rug Factory

The Viita-aho rug factory was founded by Arto and Aila Viita-aho in 1973 by the shore of Lake Lappajärvi, in the village of Karvala. From the very beginning, the rug factory produced rag rugs, with shaggy and woollen rugs, cotton, sisal and linen coming along later. VM-Carpet has invested in good design from the beginning. We have partnered with the leading designers in Finland for more than 20 years.


Long ago a meteor fell from the sky, hitting the plains of Ostrobothnia and creating Lake Lappajärvi. Today it is the greatest lake in the Ostrobothnian region and the greatest crater lake in Finland. Its shores and deep, cool and soft water give joy to plenty of cottage visitors and fishermen

The Karvala Village

The home of VM-Carpet and the Viita-aho family is the village Karvala by Lake Lappajärvi. The village was named after a family of net weavers who lived in the region long ago.  At present, the vivid town has 3,500 residents. Karvala is 12 km from the centre of the municipality. When you go to the store in Karvala, you still do not have to lock the doors, the neighbours are greeted on the main street, and you can visit people and have a cup of coffee at any time.


Rugs with a backing come with EVA or EVAPOLYTEX backing, which keeps the shape of the rug and prevents it from sliding under the foot. EVA is short for ethylene, vinyl and acetate. The same material is also used in food industry packaging and in the soles of jogging shoes, for example. This backing method has been chosen in cooperation with the Technical Research Centre of Finland, VTT Chemical Technology.

EVA backing is done by spreading melt EVA onto the bottom surface of the rug. When using EVAPOLYTEX backing, felt cloth is first attached to the rug bottom by using hot-melt EVA and EVA powder is scattered on the felt. The powder is melted in infra-red oven making the rug un-slippery. EVAPOLYTEX makes the rug slightly more flexible, softer and denser compared with EVA.

The backing is odourless and does not stain the floor. It is OK also with floor heating. The backing does not generate dust or crumble.

Care instructions

Regular vacuum cleaning. Remove stains immediately with clean damp cloth. Do not rub.
Wash Instructions:

Dry foam or gentle level wash in max. +30ºC water with mild detergent and soft brush. Do not soak or rub. Rinse carefully with plenty of water. Extract the excess water e.g. by a roller press. Shape the damp carpet with care. Air dry flat. Do not fold. Professional level washing is recommended.


Pile Polyamidi
Backing EVA