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The Slide Set is designed to activate children to natural movement and to develop their basic motor skills as well as  balance and coordination.,

Gymi Furniture is designed by Christina Nurmi who has worked for 20 years with children’s physical activity. Christina is also known for her morning gym program in national TV.

If necessary, the set is also easy to remove and re-open when it is to be used. Combineable with Gymi pole and with bunk beds.

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Product Description

GYMI FURNITURE slide set There are two storage boxes, a plank and a small ladder. These parts can be used to build a slider, a gymnastics boom or parkoureste and a desk or bench. The storage box acts as a jumping box as well as a plank and ladder attachment. The products are made of birch, and the surface of the plank and bricks is easy to clean, white laminate. The color of the box is white as well as the ladder of the ladder and the plank are white-washed. All Gymi Furniture products are manufactured in accordance with EU standards and are non-toxic (m1 class). Products are manufactured in Finland.
  • Dimensions:
  • Plank: length 140 cm, width 24 cm
  • Storage Box: 47 cm x 46 cm x 47 cm
  • Small ladder: length 100 cm, width 24 cm
Having worked with children’s well-being for a couple of decades, Christina Nurmi, co-founder of Gymi and Head Designer of Gymi Furniture, has now designed a set of functional furniture and wants to bring natural movement to every home, school or kindergarden. “I have always loved children and have been working passionately for the well-being of kids and teens for years. Since 2008 I have run my company Gymi Health Club for Kids and Teens where I get to guide young people into the wonderful world of learning new skills and getting motivated to move. We have lost touch of the natural way to move and feel well. A child is born to move and learn new skills by repetition. If we let them, children learn new skills by just jumping, running, climbing, hanging, swinging and trying tricks. Our task as adults is to make the environment such that an active way of life is possible. This also enhances the child’s acquisition of cognitive skills. Now I want to bring the joy of motion into homes, kindergardens and schools as well. Gymi Furniture is a functional furniture set that enables you to continue your gym class at home or as a teacher use the methods of future school and functional learning. I want the furniture to last, and that is why it is made out of real wood.” says Christina Nurmi

Gymi Furniture - customizable furniture for home and public spaces

Furniture for Public Places

Because of the high quality and versatility of the furniture, Gymi Furniture is perfect for public places. We have designed products of bigger size to suit schools, kindergardens and other public spaces. Our products can be used to furnish classrooms as well as corridors. Because Gymi Furniture pieces are also gym equipment, they naturally fit also in private gyms. If you are designing a public space and want to find a furniture solution, we are happy to help you. Also custom-made solutions are possible. Please contact us by e-mail

Birch, laminate

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